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    Lock 'n Load Tactical: Solo is the next evolution in our Lock 'n Load Tactical series. LnLTS is a solitaire system that provides players with a way to play scenarios and generated battles on their own. But we wanted to beyond that and provide one solitaire system that would work for the entire Lock 'n Load Tactical series past, present and future games.

    LnLTS will allow you to play any complete Lock ‘n Load Tactical game including any expansions, in either World War 2 or Modern eras. We designed the system so players would be able to play the scenarios that come with the games. We do knowledge that there may be a few scenarios that won't play as smoothly as others because of special events or special rules.

    LnLTS will work with any scenario generated by our LnLT Battle Generators and we also introduce a new Random Events system that we hope to expand on. These random events could be used in two player games.

    LnLTS was developed by Bob Bicket, Sean Druelinger, and David Heath and is based and licensed from Academy Games' Solo game design. We like to thank Uwe Eickert for allowing us to use their design create LnLTS for our LnLT fans. Expect to this in your Christmas stockings. We will have more details shortly.

    LnLT Solo AI Card 1 Example-1.jpg LnLT Solo Box Front.jpg


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