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Lock'n Load - China's Invasion of Taiwan or Pristina Airport Incident?


Nov 12, 2016
Hello Ln'L family,

now have past some months since i started creating something for Ln'L and you as a community.

Actually, the whole reason that will drive me continue my work is if you will like it and play it. For now, i was in the dark and only a very few knew about my whole project, also i decided to not release more info because, to be very honest with you, i'm still in deep waters.

Let's explain better, i am slowly working on new modules for this serie, but not ordinary history modules ( i'll leave to Ln'L do that because of the skills they have and also because search informations and be detailed is a really hard and expensive process. I tried to do that, but internet only is not enought to get that type of informations i am searching and i would need to get real books and they are very expensive, expecially if you don't have a job ) instead "what if" ones that are more possible to make because...well they never really happened, so that all infos from the 'net are enought.

OT: Just to let you know, i am studying in very detail the vietnam war, i've got a lot of books that explain in very detail every tactic used by every nation, equipment they were using, every event and so on. Because of that, the only money i have are invested in the vietnam era and i'm not planning moving away from that subject in the following years. I have finally found my favourite history era. Also, in the very future, i can make stuff for the vietnam module, now i've only ideas and i'm not planning on working on that, but a detailed Khe Sanh campaign, a detailed operation pegasus, Ia drang, the fall of Saigon, the korean involvment, the chinese invasion...oh god, there is so much that can be expanded from that module...immagine, chinese troops and equipment, US grunts with M14 instead of M16, more variety of units, oh god! :)

Let's get back to the main topic, as a community, we can work out our things that Ln'L Publishing will not do because of the very few interest/risk on doing but that some might find interesting, also having more Ln'L stuff is always a good thing isn't it? ;)
So, i have two projects on hold, and are this two here:

1 )
Name: Pristine Airport Incident
Year: 1999
Type: What If
Scenarios: 3
Focus: Infantry
What i've done for that till now:
- Units have detailed combat factors based upon real units experience, equipment. Only need to draw them. 31 different counters total, from MMc, WT, vehicles, leaders, heroes and so on.
- Module Rules ready and already written.
- Scenarios have description, immages, date, time and special events, only need to test them and balance.
- There is a campaign mode with special rules.
- The map is to be made, i've only made the blueprint for it, need to draw that too and maybe modify it.
Status: 60 % done - 40 % remaining but the more time consuming, draw an entire 2 boards map along with 31 counters each with unique art will take very long.
My Willpower for this one: I rate myself with a Morale factor of 5 for this one that turn 4 while i'm shaken. I would like to complete this just because of the time i've put into it but at the same time i'm not that much excited when i'm working on it.

2 )
Name: The Dragon Rise - China's Invasion of Taiwan
Year: Contemporary
Type: What If
Scenarios: 5
Focus: All out modern warfare, Infantry, vehicles, jets, helicopters. From small scale infantry only combat to very large scale with vehicles assaults.
What i've done so far till now:
- Units have very detailed combat factors based upon real life counterparts. I have spent days searching for all units and equipment. Only need to draw them all. 65 different units total. You can take a look at them on Boardgamegeek under A day of heroes forum.
- Module rules half written. The module implement composite armor, amphbious movement, national traits, added rules for Infrared homing, digitalized weaponry, sabot rounds for tanks. Needed for a very modern module.
- No campaign intended here. But different scenarios covering the various fronts of the conflict.
- Multiple maps, at least three for this part of the story. Have to draw them and work on blueprints but i have them very clear in my mind.
Status: 30 % done - 70 % remaining. This is a bulk of a game, even too much for a single man to handle but i'm much more motivaded for this one.
My Willpower for this one: I rate myself with a 5 for this but that turn into a 6 while i'm shaken. I'll make this one for sure, i love too much the story i've created, the very modern setting, the hot zones i've choosed for the entire campaign! Oh god, be sure i'll make this one but it will take really long time but i've put too much efforts and time that would be foolish to leave now. No Pain no gain.
Added infos on this one: This is probably my biggest project in my entire life and i cant wait to tell you all! First, here you may think that this is too much to make ( yes it is ) but all the units that you see here will be used for the ENTIRE CAMPAIGN not only this module.
This module is so big that i've divided the first chapter ( The Dragon Rise ) into three acts.
My ideas is to make a WW3 story that will involve most of the units of the first world armies. Also, not all units that i will make will be used from the beginning, i've make them in advance.
To be more precise, you can't see them in the BGG photo but on top of the document there were the squads that will appear more later in the story but are there because they belong to this chapter, you get it?
The whole idea for the campaign is:

Chapter One: The Dragon Rise

Act I: China's Invasion of Taiwan
Factions: Chinese Amphbious Division, Republic of China National Army
Maps: Three
Scenarios: Five

Act II: Honor and Duty
Factions: Japan Self Defense Ground Forces, Chinese Paratroopers
Maps: Two
Scenarios: Four

Act III: Semper Fi
Factions: 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit
Maps: Three
Scenarios: Six

This will end the first Chapter out of three. Little spoiler, the second will be the second korean war and the last one is to be decided but it will take place in europe, with a weak and divided NATO and a strong Russia.

If someone wants to help me then i'll happily accept his help, i really need it. Contact me here or on the Geek or via mail, you choice.

I really want to thank everyone of you that will read trought all this post and tell me what he thinks and what should i do by his point of view.

Sorry for various english errors, i'm from and in Italy.

"If you will help me you will be my brother and if you won't you will still remain my brother!" ;)

Bye bye, i'll go back to work!

:) :) :) :) :) :)


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