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    I was on the LNLP site the other day and heroes of the Colosseum jumped out at me. I pressed the graphic, was shuttled to the game page, and fell in love!

    Many years ago, I came across the old Avalon Hill game Circus Maximus. Though I've only played once online (on my forum), I found it very intriguing. In fact, I have come close to pulling the trigger many a time on eBay, in picking up that game, but never did. I could just never get past the gut feeling that the system would just NOT attract opponents around where I live.

    Then, a friend in England introduced me to a Gladiator miniatures game he plays, and again...I as fascinated! Hand to hand combat in the ring was brutal, and exciting. But again, I could not justify buying a bunch of miniatures to paint and never play (it again, I am certain no one around me would play it), beyond solitaire.

    To my astonishment, here is a game that combines gladiatorial combat AND chariot racing; AND has a solitaire component.

    Oh money, thy cruel Mistress....but for you I'd be running for the Cart!

    I am sooooooooo going to buy this game!

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