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Melee and Ops. Complete


Jan 12, 2016
Hi guys,

I've just come across a complicated melee situation, and I'd like to check if this is the right way to handle it.

My hero has moved into a hex with two MMCs (one has a SW) and a leader. All of these enemy unts are under Ops. Complete markers.

Original enemy units MMC (1IFP), MMC(1IFP +2FP SW) + Leader.

4.1 Except for the instances described below, units beneath Ops Complete markers cannot perform any actions, including Leaders using their Leadership Modifier (LM, 11.1.1).

MMCs under an Ops Complete marker can Opportunity Fire (5.3), but subtract one (-1) from their IFP. The FP is modified BEFORE considering any other attacking unit’s Die-Roll Modifications (DRMs), and is applied per firing unit. A unit’s FP can be a negative number.

A SW possessed by an eligible MMC that is marked with an Ops Complete marker can also fire with the MMC. Machine guns or Flamethrowers are halved (fractions rounded up), while SWs that use the OFT suffer +2 DRM to-hit penalty.

8.3 Zero-Firepower Units In Melee, MMCs with an IFP of 0attack and defend with a FP of 1,unless such units possess a Melee-eligible SW, in which case they use the SW’s FP. For each zero-IFP
MMC participating in an attack, 1 is subtracted from the die-roll. For each zero-IFP unit participating in defense, 1 is added to the attacker’s dieroll.

So here are the questions:
1) Do the penalties for being under Ops Complete markers [4.1] still apply in melee?
2) If the answer is yes. Would the the two enemy units (both IFP1) be considered zero firepower units because of this reduction for the ensuing melee?

If they are considered zero firewower, my hero would be up against 2 MMCs. One would fight with 1FP because zero firepower units add 1 to melee (8.3, the other would fight with its SW (halved because fo 4.1), giving a total of 2.

My head is spinning

Thanks for the help
Sep 15, 2013
I’d say carry out the melee as normal, so regarding questions...
1) no
2) not applicable because of 1
It’s just like a melee against say a squad/stack that is marked Fired or Moved from actions carried out previously in the turn, once your attackers enter the hex they still fight back when technically because they have already Fired or Moved that can’t do anything more for that turn.