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    I recently purchased the Lock ´N Load versions of All things Zombie miniatures: Fade To Black and Nowhere Nevada from a local store in Sweden.
    Sadly the two Player Aid card that are listed on the back of Fade To Black were missing.
    I contacted the store and were informed their remaning copies were also missing the aid cards and suggested I contact the publisher.

    What would be the best way for me to get access to the player aid cards needed to play the game?
    Could I provide you with some form of proof of purchase and get a pdf version?
    Should I buy the pdf version from your store?
    Is there a different, better solution?

    Greatful for any help

    Kind regards


    This matter has been resolved in a most agreeable way by the excellent support staff at Lock 'N Load.
    Please feel free to remove this thread if so desired.
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