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    Just an FYI, the movement trails in the Heroes of the Nam Vassal module do not seem to work right. Each time a piece moves, it redraws a new movement trail from its previous hex to the current hex, but removes the trail from any moves prior to that. So the longest a movement trail can get is 1 hex in length. The movement trail is a helpful tool as it is a visual log of how far the unit has moved since the beginning of the turn.

    Also, there does not appear to be a "Clear Movement" button like in other modules. To remove movement trails, you have to manually select each piece and click "Movement Trail." There should just be a button that clears all movement trails.

    These things considered, perhaps it would be best to create a single "Base" module and then all Module specific pieces as part of Module Extension Files. This would create an easy to work with environment in which you wouldn't have these types of mismatched functionality between modules. Also it would allow players to use pieces from multiple games to create scenarios (like in real life).

    For a good example of this type of module setup, check out the module for GMT's Wing Leader. The module designer, Al, created it as a single base module for both base games of the series and then each expansion is an extension file that adds the new pieces to the already existing base game pieces.

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