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    Apr 13, 2020
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    Hello all

    I tried out multi player last night and we had some issues making it work consistently. Is this feature active at this time?

  2. Tom Proudfoot

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    But yes, there is a large continuum between everything working perfectly when we try it (of course) and and games just blowing up right away.

    I hope it's working for most people at least. Obviously if someone has a perfectly fine game, I never hear about it, and I'm fixing bugs as I get them. Basically every time someone manages to get a multiplayer game hung in some way, it was some strange timing thing I did not anticipate, and I fix that, and then somebody finds a new one. :)

    A top "to-add" item on the list is a multiplayer undo which should also serve a dual purpose of resyncing a game that has gone slightly awry.
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    Dec 8, 2014
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    First let me say this: Thanks for your great work and constant updates Tom!

    The problem i see with this is that most of the time, in my experience playing the game, desync issues are most of the time noticed not instantly. Now lets say we have a undo button to undo the last 3 impulses. That could mean lots of re-rolling at the outcome could be drastically altered. This will frustrate players (imagine pulling of a brilliant move, getting lucky with rolls and winning and then having to go back, your opponent aware of your actions and then you have bad luck with rolls.)
    I recently had a similar case. We had to reload a save but then my opponent could position his units much better making it almost impossible for me to win. This somehow takes the fun out of the MP if it happens to often.

    I just keep my fingers crossed that we are having a 99% desync free MP in the future.

    Thing is, with the introduction of OBA, Helicopters and Vehicles to MP...i can already see lots of new "strange timing things" popping up that will need your attention.

    Some kind of PBEM like system, would that be an option or to much work to implement?
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