By David Heath on Feb 18, 2016 at 9:44 PM
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    We are getting ready to start our release of the Second Edition of the Nation At War series. The first game out the doors will be White Star Rising and Stalin Triumph. It will be a little bit before they are available but they are coming. We plan to release Nations At War Core Rules v2.0 as a free download and make a printed edition of the new core rules as a purchase option, possibly with the new style maps as well. We post more about this when we are sure what the options are going to be. These new rules will work with any first edition games.

    ADMIN-Concealments-US.jpg WSR-SS-INF-[KGDauer]-reduc.jpg WSR-UK-17pdrATG-[attached]-healthy.jpg WSR-US-81Mortar-[2-16Inf]-healthy.jpg WSR-UK-Firefly-[WSGDS]-healthy.jpg WSR-US-M4A1-[4-51Arm]-healthy.jpg

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Discussion in 'Nations At War Series' started by David Heath, Feb 18, 2016.

    1. Jay Townsend
      Jay Townsend
      The series looks great but the tank/armor silhouettes seemed to be smaller compared with the older versions of NaW games? Maybe too much empty space around the counter's edges?
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    2. Ian Borrows
      Ian Borrows
      This is good news. Like the previous poster, I would hope the silhouettes are larger than on the above sample but more than anything I would hope for larger font size for the numbers. A fair few of us older gamers don't have the sharp eyes we used to have and these tiny fonts are a struggle. Could make the difference between getting the game and not.
    3. Jay Townsend
      Jay Townsend
      Sounds like everything is good guys, I talked with David and the armor silhouettes are the same size as the original games.
    4. Qwirz
      Tigers in the snow?!?!?!!?:) :) :) :)
    5. Wallenstein
      Are the maps mounted?
      Desert Heat states as mountes that is why I'm asking.

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