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    How do I add Command Operations user created scenarios so I can access them on Steam?
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    The key to loading scenarios so they can be played is putting th appropriate design files into the appropriate directories of the game.


    1) The Scenario file (???.cos) must be in the "Scenarios" directory at the game's installed location.

    2.) The Map file (???.cop and ???.cop.cache [if provided]} must be in the Maps directory for the game's installed location..

    3.) The Estabs file (???.coe) and the ???Estab_Images directory must be in the Estabs directory for the game's installed location.

    A game modder may not provide all the files. If the ???.cop file and / or ???.coe file are missing in the modder's version, that modder is already using a file that the modder either provided in an earlier scenario or is already available in the game.

    The modder must have a new ???.cos file to implement a new scenario.

    The Command Ops 2 install directory under steam is in the <steam install location>/steamapps/common directory.
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