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    As many of you know, we were not going change the counters but the emails and posts made us re-think that. So we made the maps bigger and took some screenshots of the old Nations At War counters on it. The NaW counter larger and we wanted to let us know what you think. We will do the counters in a style close to the new NaW counters we are also posting here. PLEASE READ EACH Picture Comments to best understand what we are trying showing you.

    Picture 1: On the left is the original World At War (WaW) game map and counter. On the right is the new WaW map enlarge to hold the larger counters that are provided in the original Nations At War (NaW) games. Please remember these counters are also not rounded as the new counters will be.

    Picture 2: On the left is the new World At War (WaW) game map and both the original WaW counter on top. On the right is the orginial WaW map with a larger counter that are provided in the original Nations At War (NaW) games. Please remember these counters are also not rounded as the new counters will be.

    Picture 3: Here is a top down shot of the new WaW enlarge map with the original NaW counter and the original WaW counter on top of it showing how much bigger the new counters should be. Again neither counter is rounded as they will be when made.

    Picture 4: Here is the new WaW enlarge map with two original NaW counters. These counters are not rounded.

    Picture 5: This is a new Formation counter for the second edition NaW series. The red in this counter shows what units belong to what formations

    Picture 6: This is a new unit with the formation color stripe on its counter for the second edition NaW series. The red in this counter shows what units belong to what formations

    Picture 7: Here is a Soviet counter from the second edition NaW with the new font showing all the numbers provided on the counter in an easy to read font.

    Picture 8: Please give us your feedback. Here is a German infantry unit. We do not plan on having the helmets only a NATO symbol were the helmet is now.

    WaWCounter1.JPG WaWCounter2.JPG WaWCounter3.JPG WaWCounter4.JPG WSR-WH-FORMATION-TIGER-[9thPanzer].jpg WSR-WH-HQ-TIGER-[9thPanzer]-healthy.jpg WSR-SOV-SU152-[attached]-healthy.jpg WSR-WH-INF-[320stInf]-healthy.jpg

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Discussion in 'World At War 85 Series' started by David Heath, Mar 28, 2016.

    1. rouq
      New map's style is outstanding.
      I prefer orginal counters style than new including size.
      Prefer Nato symbols on infantry (and for SW).
    2. Juan de Austria
      Juan de Austria
      I like the style and the size of the "old" counters too. I prefer the smaller size,
      because the range of the weapons is in higher in WaW than in NaW.
    3. kraken
      I also prefer "old" style and size of counters.
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    4. Kent Reuber
      Kent Reuber
      The counters in pictures 5-8 have a lot of empty space. If you have that much space, it would be a good opportunity to increase the size of the numbers. For infantry counters, I also prefer the NATO symbol rather than a helmet, which IMO doesn't add any information.
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    5. BlueOnBlue
      Personally, I find the current counter size fine; bigger counters are more annoying to store and some of these games will have a lot of counters. Bigger hexes are OK with me, but really the current WaW sizes are fine as far as I'm concerned. Also, wouldn't changing the sizes make the idea of update kits pointless?
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    6. kylania
      Like the bigger hexes, but not the bigger counters.
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    7. Major Kessler
      Major Kessler
      I like the bigger hexes and maps - but much prefer the original smaller counters (with rounded corners).
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    8. Bill Jenkins
      Bill Jenkins
      I like bigger counters and map but hope the tank pictures will be bigger as well.
    9. rastamann
      I like the bigger maps and hexes, but not the counters. They look to be a bit too filled with white-space.
    10. spqr202
      I like bigger counters and maps.
    11. Warren Smith
      Warren Smith
      I think the bigger counters would be good, but only if you use the extra space to make the numbers bigger. For me, there's way too much dead space around the larger counters. It's just wasted space when it could be used to spread everything apart a bit and make the numbers larger and easier to read.
    12. David Heath
      David Heath
      The counters are showng a lot of bleed. So there is not as much space as it seems.

    13. Ric Walters
      Ric Walters
      Styling - I much prefer the new map and counters. As to size of the counters, I can go either way, but larger means easier to read as the text is also larger. I had problems reading the text on the old counters. The broken-block font was difficult to pick out, even close up. Watch the color shade for the new counters so the font doesn't melt into it. One of the example pics illustrates this. Ric
    14. Major Kessler
      Major Kessler
      Hard to see how "upgrade kits" will work if the new counters are a different size?

      I think LNL just needs to admit that these are entirely new games with no backwards compatibility to the previous editions.

      On that basis I can't see me "investing" in games that cover what the first editions covered so well - just with different graphics.
    15. David Heath
      David Heath
      The maps and counters will be larger than the original game series. The counter numbers were just to small to read.

    16. Arrigo
      The new maps are awesome, the new NaW counters, well there is too much empty space. I would be happier with a slight larger picture in the center and the numbers moved toward the corners. Also I prefer the older NATO icons for infantry and SW. With full color side view for vehicles, the helmet looks a tad silly.
    17. Crossroads
      +1 for the awesomeness of the new maps. With counters I am good either way. I have Blood and Bridges but if the counters change too then I guess I just have to buy it again :)
    18. Steve Cowne
      Steve Cowne
      These look great! I always prefer good artwork over boring NATO symbols.

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