Nobody Comes Back

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    This is a brief "take the bridge before it blows" and exit scenario. Not much to it, though I didn't do so well. I took all my objectives simple enough, but the exit messed me up. First, when exiting, a few well placed enemy forces can really hold you up. I didn't bring enough ART up for exit support. Second, I recognized "the way out" a little too late. Truly, 2 more hours of game time and I would have had a marginal victory (I guess that's what they all say, right?). Well you can see by the map that I had many forces ready to exit. Tricky allied counter-attacks held me up.

    My strategy was pretty simple - quickly take the bridges with the units already across the river, supported by ART. Let the reinforcements drive through and off the map. I didn't even really bother with the northern portion of the map. I wanted to concentrate down south. I kept my guys rested by leap-frogging my regiments. All went well until a few AT guns held up my exit strategy.

    None1.png none2.png

    I guess I found this scenario a little repetitive and lacking much imagination. Not my favorite so far. We will see what's next!

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