On-Board Artillery smoke ammunition limitation

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    Off_Board Artillery can strike as many smoke mission as given by the scenario OOB.
    But I can't see any such limitation for On-Board Artillery.

    Does that mean that each mortar or artillery counter can fire smoke an unlimited times ?
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    Yes .

    Doctrine dictated how divisional level artillery was assigned to regiments and battalions and their dual use e.g. direct fire to reduce fortifications or cover spearhead formations. In the game the WP should see more organic support as the formations are battalions whereas most of the Nato formations are companies.

    "The armies of the Warsaw Pact made artillery a cornerstone of their military strategies. And the importance they placed on this type of weaponry saw them use their technology and expertise to develop a wide range of munitions including mortars, rocket launchers, missiles and large-calibre guns."


    "Since the late 1970s,the Soviets have developed the tank regiment (TR) into a combined arms team (tank, motorized rifle, and artillery) "

    "Hence, the capability of the TR and TD to conduct largely self-supported combined arms combat has increased greatly. Large-caliber SP guns and mortars and longrange MRLs have increased the artillery available to army and front commanders. Additionally, some army-level regiments have grown to brigade size with the addition of a fourth artillery battalion. These battalions are currently expanding from 18 to 24 tubes, primarily in units opposite NATO. "

    Field Manual No. 100-2-3 The Soviet Army: Troops, Organization, and Equipment

    FM 100-2-1, The Soviet Army: Operations and Tactics
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    Indeed, the Pact should have a lot of artillery, in the early phases of the campaign, and it will often make the difference between a (costly) victory and defeat.

    Yet, it bears noting that most of the Pact's artillery was made up of towed guns (contrary to NATO's, which had a much higher proportion of self propelled artillery), which would have been exceedingly vulnerable to counterbattery fire - an area where NATO's technological edge would have made itself felt. The "Defense of Frankfurt" module has some very interesting counterbattery fire rules that I may want to tinker with .....


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