Play tester thoughts on Warparty: Conquest and Carnage

Discussion in 'Warparty Series' started by Dan Buman, Feb 22, 2015.

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    Feb 22, 2015
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    I have been doing some play testing of the new Warparty release over the past year I must say I am extremely excited about this release. I have been a huge fan of Warparty, but the many additions in the expansion take the game to a new level. The new faction that has been added is very different than the previous four the original game contained. This additional faction: The Barbarians, both plays very differently and has a strong thematic feel. The existing four factions have had additional heroes, units, spells, structures, and upgrades. The original factions have a stronger thematic feel and are definitely more unique than before. There are some new mechanics that have been added to the game to increase tactical decision making as well as theme. Another thing I have always been impressed with in Warparty is the game balance. Each faction, while have their own uniqueness, is incredibly well balanced. I can say this is carried on in the new edition as well as with the new faction. I can not wait to see this game go to print!!!
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