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Discussion in 'It Started Here' started by Ted Werner, Oct 6, 2018.

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    If the NVA/VC player chooses to move a Platoon which would leave a leader alone, does the leader come with? Makes thematic sense to bring him along.....

    If there were two Platoons in the hex, I assume the leader does not move.

    Also, presumably, the moved platoon is NOT subject to opp fire, correct?
  2. Maurice Fitzgerald

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    The leader cannot be stranded alone.

    This event can be played in one of two ways, giving players the freedom to play it as they choose and to try different things. The first is that the leader must move with the unit(s), like so:

    For the US, if the leader is attached to that lone platoon, then yes they move with them. If there are two platoons in the hex with the leader, that leader stays with the other platoon that is not moved. Likewise for the VC player, the leader moves with their two platoons that get moved by the US player since that event calls for two platoons to be moved.

    The other option is to not allow units with a leader to be moved because they would keep unit cohesion, so only a platoon without a leader in its hex could be moved. So, you have two ways you can play it to give you a variety of introduced chaos to the battle.

    No, unit(s) moved in this manner are not subject to opportunity fire because they did not voluntarily move but were moved by an event.

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