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Prelude at Luneville AAR

john connor

Oct 22, 2014

Lol. Been playing this game since the beginning, and beta testing it for maybe 10 years, so I often feel quite confident.... I tested again Prelude at Luneville from the Bradley at Bay pack yesterday and today and was reminded just how good the AI is compared to the AI in so so many other games. I played this carefully with my usual rules (I didn't personally command any arty strikes). It was a joy to watch the AI thrash me. I think this is a worse than historical result for me, because despite the persistent, intermittent fog I didn't do enough careful recon and hence my pleasure at being able to fully occupy Luneville (after some sharp engagements) turned into a nasty series of surprises. The AI put in many co-ordinated attacks (using the Attack order, I mean) and counter-attacked powerfully, kept good cohesion and used its artillery very effectively. If I had been more cautious I think I might have scraped a draw....

I've posted only the AAR box so there's no spoilers, for when this excellent pack is finally released...

Great small-to-medium size scenario.
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