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"Queen of Battles" from EG Deluxe/1st Panzer

Ken Warren

Aug 17, 2013
Sorry, not a detailed AAR, but I had a fun game with the "Queen of Battles" scenario that was included in the EG Deluxe. For those that don't know, it's played on the 1st Panzer map, with 1/171 Panzer Grenadier defending Eben from the 33rd Motorized Inf.

The West Germans set up in Eben, while the Soviets set up out of sight near Wittburg with the intent of crossing the hill, finding some cover by the woods & Pfalzburg before assaulting Eben.

It started off bad for the West Germans with a Marder platoon going out of ATGM ammo during OppFire. After that it was a back and forth battle (both sides lost some men and armor) for several turns until turn 6 This is where it went crazy. The Soviets had captured part of Eben, then between Sagger/T-62 fire and Marder fire, both the sides permanently lost their HQ. Also in turn 6, assaults by the Soviets left the West Germans to a lonely, reduced infantry platoon barely holding on to Eben. Turn 7, no Soviets were able to rally their troops to make that final assault. Turn 8 started by the West German chit pull, followed by 2 end turn markers!

In the end, the West Germans pulled out a victory, but Eben would surely fall if the game would have lasted any longer.

I must say that I'm really enjoying playing WaW. The chit pulls and dice rolls make each time you play unique. I'll have to play this one again and see what happens.