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    Here is a look at the new White Star Rising from the Nations At War Series. It will have a new rule book and a living rules edition. We have designed new maps with both summer and winter effects. Also in the new edition is a new Design Your Own Scenario system. This new system will allow you to select a mission type, purchase units and fight it out. Let us know what you think or if you have any questions.

    White Star Rising Second Edition Box.jpg WSR-Map-Sample A Winter.jpg WSR-Map-Sample A.jpg wsr1.png wsr2.png wsr3.png wsr4.png wsr5.png wsr6.png
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Discussion in 'Nations At War Series' started by David Heath, Dec 11, 2015.

    1. Ney 84
      Ney 84
      Hi David,
      Can't wait this second edition so my only question is: when this second edition will be available?
      Thank you very much.
    2. Sean Druelinger
      Sean Druelinger
      Hi Mike
      These were prototype counters and the original values should not have changed. Any changes were corrections such as HQs matching correct movement numbers and such. However the values shown in the examples should be an exact match. Which of these are different from your copy?
    3. Sean Druelinger
      Sean Druelinger
      Additionally many of these counters shown are on their reduced side..
    4. Sean Druelinger
      Sean Druelinger
      Presently there are no plans for x-maps. The WSR maps are 11X17 already and it would take at least two of those sheets to make the maps.

      Thank you
    5. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Mike,

      Look we never want to tell someone they need to buy a new edition. The counters and maps will make a big difference not only to the style but to the game play. There will be new rules and counters, if this is one of your main games you play I would really consider putting the older edition on Ebay. Sean has done a great job with this series.

    6. Rick Barber
      Rick Barber
      Still 'iffy' about the helmets for the Infantry, but the addition of the small NATO symbols (not shown on your samples above, BTW) should solve any problems. I always make color copies (a stickler for perfect die cutting and thick counters, am I), so this means that I'll be able to sell my 1st editions and recoup my losses to date. The new maps are almost 'Nico Eskubi' level, which is the highest compliment I can give! ;-) This is my favorite of all the platoon level systems, and very much looking forward to getting ST and WSR!
    7. David Heath
      David Heath

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