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    World At War 85

    WaW85 Core Rule Editions
    PDF - http://bit.ly/WaW85-PDF-CR
    EPUB - http://bit.ly/WaW85-EPUB
    MP3 - http://bit.ly/WaW85-MP3
    Audiobook - http://bit.ly/WaW85-Audiobook
    Hardcover and Audible - http://bit.ly/AmazonEditions

    Note: All Core Rule Editions are free except the Hardcover and Audible editions.

    WaW85 Bootcamp Traning Videos:
    WaW85 Bootcamp - http://bit.ly/2ojdZGY

    WaW85 Game Resources:

    WaW85 Vassal Modules:
    WaW85 Starter Kit: http://bit.ly/Vassal-StarterKit
    WaW85 Storming the Gap: http://bit.ly/Vassal-StG

    World At War 85 & Storming the Gap Clarifications and Corrections PDF

    Find Us On Board Game Geek:
    StG: http://bit.ly/32ezMzv
    StG Expansion: http://bit.ly/37KpFDP
    Solo Assistant: http://bit.ly/2Vc4nvZ

    Storming the Gap Component PDF v1.1 Rev. 10:
    StG: http://bit.ly/StG-Component-List
    LnLP WaW85 Store Page:
    Shop: http://bit.ly/2DFtRIi

    Litko Game Accessories:
    - http://bit.ly/Litko-LnLP

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