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    Not sure if this has been asked (or even if I asked earlier!) but if it has I apologize. I have had the following situation come up a number of times. I had a shaken unit in a hex with a Leader and a Medic. I used the Medic first to try to rally the shaken unit, he failed, but then I could not use the Leader to try to rally. I reloaded and tried just the opposite. I used the Leader first to try to rally the shaken unit, he failed, but then I COULD use the Medic to try to rally. The rules state that each unit can only attempt to rally once per RP, but a Medic/Corpsman trying to flip a Shaken MMC/SMC to its GO side does not constitute a rally attempt. By this wording it would seem to me the order you tried to rally (leader first medic second or vice versa) would not matter.

    The obvious solution is to use the Leader first. My problem is I never remember that when I am faced with this situation. I know you can reload and do it right but last night I was in a multiplayer game and guessed wrong about which to use first, and obviously was not going to reload that situation.

    So is this a bug that will be fixed or is it working as intended and I just have to remember the rules?

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    That is an interesting question. The rules does say that In each hex, Shaken Leaders rally first, but I have always interpreted that as if your shaken leader is not rallied, you cannot rally your troops so better rally the Leader first. But even this simply say that shaken Leader rally first; it does not give rallying order for other units (GO leader, medic/corpsman, chaplain, etc.).

    So yes, it is a bug. I'll go as far as saying that shaken leader don't really have to rally first. You could patch a unit with a medic then have the shaken leader try to rally
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