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Return to St. Vith AGAIN...

Jun 5, 2022
After the last AAR, I thought I'd see if I could do better by planning a little more. This is the result of that.

The bridge was taken quite happily. I thought I might try attacking Lommersweiler from two different positions this time which seemed to work quite well. Here we see the 35 Tank Bn moving under cover of night into attack position.

002 - 35 Tank Bn uses the trees as cover.png

The Armoured Infantry also move under cover of night to get into attack position.

005 - Armoured Infantry move under cover of night.png

And here they are in positon

006 - Armoured Infantry in position.png

Lommersweiler was taken quite happily with the two battle groups attacking together and forcing the enemy up-map, which was the plan all along. A very good result all round.

I forgot to take screenshots of this august incident, so you'll just have to trust me....

Skipping ahead to day 4, most units that are due to take part in the attack on Sankt Vith are in positon.

Screenshot (17).png

At this point I was very worried that I'd left it too late to launch an assault on Sankt Vith, so I pushed everything I had in position forward in the attack. Here we see the various forces moving to attack.

Screenshot (18).png

This really made me happy to see so many units moving into attack from different positions. Very nice to see.
Closing in we can see they mean business.

Screenshot (19).png

Evening approaches, and I'm over the moon to see my Artillery joining the attack**

Screenshot (21).png

Full scale attack on Sankt Vith

Screenshot (23).png

And the final position as the battle ends.

Screenshot (25).png

I was actually surprised, and 'very' disappointed to get a draw since I thought I had the upper hand most of the battle. Even the little 'win-lose' arrow pointer on the control window showed more win than lose. Apart from that, I just thought I had done more than enough to win on this one. However, when I scrolled back down the map I noticed several units attempting to assault Lommersweiler

Screenshot (27).png

Lommersweiler has long been a very annoying objective. I find of all the objectives that it's possible to take, Lommersweiler is the most difficult to hold. Taking it is no problem. Holding it now..., that's a different matter. It's a real thorn in my side at this point.

Anyway, here's the 'VERY PAINFUL' draw notification.

Screenshot (26).png

In previous games the draw notification was OK, even a welcome sight if I'm honest, but this time I really feel cheated by a draw. I honestly believed I was in line for a success of some kind. Even the little arrow on the control window thought so..., on the other hand, I was clearly too late in launching my attack on Sankt Vith itself. Most of my forces were still heading into battle when the scenario actually ended. Anyway, it is what it is!

Fantastic game though. Really enjoyed the full scale attack on Sankt Vith(as much as we saw of it before we ran out of time of course). It was still something to behold though as far as I'm concerned.

Until next time then.

**A quick note about Artillery. I never micro-manage Artillery, so any Artillery fire you see is the result of my subordinate commanders calling it in themselves. I was tempted on one occasion in the attack on Sankt Vith to take control of the Artillery, but I like to leave it to my subordinates to decide when and where to use it. So unless I'm convinced otherwise, Artillery will be managed by them whenever I play.
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