Revised Resource Cards

Alan Eshelman

Jul 21, 2020
Des Moines, Iowa, USA
I found the cards in this game to be somewhat unclear, inconsistent in their wording, and with a smattering of errors. I've Combined the original card text with correction work done by Rob Veenenberg, and tweaked the language a bit myself. PLEASE let me know if you see any errors or have concerns about the new wording or meanings. I've intentionally made functional changes to a couple of cards but am certainly willing to consider input.

I'll be maintaining the files on BGG here: BGG Pacific War Files Section

One of the more confusing things about the original cards is the multiple uses of the word "Strategic" or "Strategy". I've eliminated the use of that word in referring to anything other than the Strategy phase of the game. Here are the meanings of the new keywords I've applied to the cards:

Action - Play of this card replaces your Action for that round.
Combat - Play these cards during combat; specific timing is in the card text.
Supply - Play during the Supply phase; specific timing is in the card text.
Interrupt - Play during your opponent's turn, forcing a premature end to their turn; specific timing is in the card text.
Intercept - Similar to Interrupt, but these cards don't end your opponent's turn, they just pause it while they are resolved.
(Event) - Flags a card as one of the six Strategic Events.

Print these on photo paper, cut to separate, and insert into standard sleeves using the original Resource Cards as backing to add stiffness.


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