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    This clarification was made in BGG forum, but it has not made it to Clarifications and Corrections yet.

    In last sentence of 3rd paragraph, delete "[o]nce the Passenger loads into the Transport unit, the Transport unit is marked Ops Complete."

    Replace with: "After the Transport unit completes its move, if any, it is marked Ops Complete."

    I had wrongly interpreted the rule to mean that when loading Towed-units only, both the Passenger unit and Transport unit must begin the activation in the same hex and once loaded, the Transport unit is marked Ops Complete. In other words, the Transport unit cannot move up to half its MPs (rounded down) after loading Towed-units.

    In last sentence of 3rd paragraph, I thought you were trying to make an exception to 2nd paragraph, when loading Towed units versus other units, because you mentioned Towed units immediately before last sentence of 3rd paragraph.

    I had posted this interpretation on Facebook page and received one like and no comments, which made me wonder if I was right. I thought it was plausible as Towed units could take longer to load than just passengers, for example.

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