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Discussion in 'Against the Odds' started by Sam Gatto, Feb 10, 2019.

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    I have a couple of questions on the rules:

    1) May Syrian off board artillery SUPPORT an attack on hard targets? The rules seem to indicate that artillery can only bombard soft and hard targets...providing support to soft targets only. I read support to mean adding firepower to the attacker.

    2) rule 14.2.1 second bullet states "subtract one from the die roll for each Hip already destroyed on the current turn"
    Third bullet states ADD one to the die roll, if two Syrian planes are interdicting the CAP
    Should these two bullet points be reversed? First add, second subtract?

    3)Do leaders provide any defensive benefit?
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    No, Leaders do not offer any defensive benefit aside from the Rally of 2d6.

    Syrian OBA can only be used as support for soft targets, and the firepower packets are added to the overall firepower factor. As it states in 14.1.(5).

    Rule 14.2.1 second and third bullets are handled at the same time, are cumulative and potentially offsetting, depending on the situation. If there is no Syrian interdiction, just the negative modifier(s) are subtracted to the die roll for any helicopters destroyed on that turn. If there are none destroyed, there is no negative modifier. If there is Syrian interdiction, you get a +1 to the die roll, which will offset if there is already a destroyed helicopter from that turn. Or it could be still a negative 1 if two are destroyed that turn (-1, +1, -1 = -1) as the plus and negative cancel each other out.

    Hope that helps!

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