Savage Wilderness terrain question

Discussion in 'Bloody Mohawk' started by Matthew Shirley, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. Matthew Shirley

    Nov 8, 2020
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    I just received the game, and I tried taking the first two scenarios for a spin. There is a terrain type that is not defined in the TEC: towns. Given that they are the focus of those scenarios, what specifically are the effects? Also, in the Grand Pre scenario, I can't match the terrain I'm seeing on the board with the TEC. Are those three hexes showing tree tops woods or forest? If the latter, is all the terrain north of the road woods?
    Finally, unless I missed it, there is no passage in the rules describing how to determine line of sight for artillery fire. I'm an old hand, and I can use the LOS concepts I know, but it would be good to know specifically what you have in mind. In particular do friendly troops at a lower elevation block the LOS between artillery and targets at different elevations? What about enemy troops (i.e. the same side as the targets)?
    Do you have eratta for this game? A more inclusive TEC would be nice.

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