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    I see that this was asked a few years back but needs to be asked again as this is from the v3.2 rules.

    Scenario Special Rules
    1. The 334/32 NVA Battalion is activated on Turn 2, and may move and fire normally. Until activated neither the 334/32 or 7/66 NVA battalions may move or fre normally. The 334/32 Battalion may however, fre on adjacent units.

    2. The 7/66 NVA battalion activated and enters play on Turn 4. Example: if the American rolls a “2” on the first turn, there is both an event, but the 334/33 is activated. If the roll was a “3”, there would still be an event, but the 334/32 would not be activated.

    I’m sure that “fre” means “fire” but did the previous entry by events change and now the 334/32 automatically enters on Turn 2 and the 7/66 on Turn 4 and the Example on SSR 2 should not be there and ignored?

    Also, regarding Transport helicopters, how are they able to drop off troops AND attack? Does the removal happen immediately or at the end of that turn? Or is it that as long as the troops are still onboard that that is the only way it may attack?



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