Scenario 02: Bloody Ridge Counter Problem Solved(?)

Discussion in 'No Honor in Surrender' started by Curt, Aug 4, 2020.

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    I believe this problem could be solved. As you know, this scenario requires 20 Japanese infantry squads but the counter sheet only provides 18 - 2 short. I saw in the original post, from 5 years ago, that this was never answered.

    I saw in that other post that the set up Issues for Scenario 10 were solved. Check. I went to OfficeMax and had some nice updated player aid charts printed out. Check. Rules read and understood. Check. 3 D6 with 2 black and one white. Check. And then there’s that counter shortage. Argh!!

    I did some research and found on Boardgamegeek that this game comes from a game called Island War and a Deluxe version. There was a post about this scenario but no mention of a counter shortage. I then checked out the counter pics and it looks like each had 20 to 21 Japanese infantry squads. Good grief!!

    I then opened a ticket to get the 2 missing counters. Darren, who’s a good guy, quickly responded and stated that the 20 squad requirement is a misprint and the correct amount IS 18 for Scenario 02. Problem solved!! Buy that man a pint!! Thanks, Darren!!

    Now my game is complete.



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