Scenario #1 - NVA Activation

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    In Scenario #1, it is theoretically possible
    (even if unlikely) that the NVA 334/32 Battalion will not be activated until Turn #6 (the final turn).

    Would a better way to handle this be to state the following under the Scenario Special Rules, #1, "If not activated on Turn #1 or #2, the 334/32 Battalion will automatically activate on Turn #3."

    This would allow the NVA to press the Americans with at least a turn or two or three remaining with the 334/32 Battalion and it might even allow the 7/66 Battalion to get involved in the fight. I would also consider activated 7/66 ONE turn and not two turns after the 334/32 if the 334/32 is activated on Turn #3 or later.

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    The intent of the scenario setup as it is now, is to be variable, so that it changes with each play. I am playing with some changes and am very close to adjusting the SSR to get everyone in the mix by turn 4, but will see how some testing goes. The US has a tough fight on their hands in that scenario, but it's called Desperate Hours for just that reason! :)

    Of course you can always house rule it if you choose. Allowing the units to activate sooner if you'd like. It's your game, play it in the way you find most enjoyable.Hope that helps!
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