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    Before I noticed the tiny flowchart on the map, I developed my own flowchart for the game. Strangely, my flowchart is different from the one on the map!

    According to the map the players dice for initiative (7.1.4) only if both players decline playing a card to gain the initiative.

    But after reading rules there seem to be two ways to get to dicing for initiative:
    1. As above, both player declining to play an RC
    2. If the Japanese player uses an RC to gain the initiative (7.1.1) and executes a Strategy, play then proceeds to 7.1.2 which gives the Allied player the choice of playing a card and executing a strategy with play then cycling back to 7.1.1, OR allowing play to proceed to dicing of 7.1.4.

    The flowchart on the map doesn't include the options of 7.1.2.
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    I'll note that the wording in 7.1.2 is identical to 7.1.3. And doesn't mesh with the example. I think the rule was printed incorrectly and no matter what the Allied player does in 7.1.2 play resumes with a new round starting back in 7.1.1. I would follow the flowchart printed on the map as it makes more sense to me; the effect of the chart is that Japan can keep playing and executing strategies as long as they use cards win the initiative, the Allies can only riposte by playing a card of their own or Japan stops playing cards to keep seizing the initiative.

    As soon as either player plays a card to seize the initiative, there is no dice rolling that round.

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