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    Hi. I'm taking another look at CO after a long time away, that is, since CO1 on Matrix. I downloaded the core and was getting reacquainted with the game, but this thread had me wondering if I wanted to get involved and purchase additional modules and then try to keep up with everything, including additional upgrade costs. If I'm reading this right, then your business model would be like most other games. You buy the core game (or in this case get it free, basically as a demo) and buy the DLCs and that is your only cost. Updates/upgrades are free. That would make me as a potential new buyer much more comfortable.
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    It's admirable to find that not everyone would opt for the easy way in this. I have seen many devs on Steam choosing the easy way and asking money for upgrades without even half the effort that you (and the associated people) put into this (let's not even mention the whole early access crap that has been on Steam for so long, only a few exceptions not misusing it).

    The positive thing about Command Ops (1/2) (in my eyes) being on Steam, is the increasing exposure. Not many people on Steam knew about Matrix Games therefor not people would find out about Command Ops. Except just the diehard WW2/strategy/boardgame fans.

    Although, my exposure to Command Ops wasn't due to Steam. It was way back with Airborne Assault HTTR, when I was 11 years old.. My dad used to play it all the time, it is still his favorite WW2 strategy series to date. And that is saying something, since he has far less patience with games than I have. It grew on me too. Back then I used to play against my dad and didn't have a real clue of what was going on at that age. Now more than a decade later I very much appreciate the game in a more defined way. I even venture in map and scenario creation now, where as of now I have spent much, much more time in than actually playing the game.
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    Now this has a bitter sweet taste to it. It's not often I'd like to throw money at developers and they have to refuse but at the same time I'm also happy for you guys. Hopefully you can find other ways to get your well earned income!

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