Skill Defaults? What does this option do?

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    Hi !

    I know the LnL rules from the boardgame but dont know what this option in the option menu is supposed to do....

    "Skill Defaults"
    Erratic (Automate) | DC Range to use (slider from 0 to 16)

    What does "Erratic" mean and what does "Automate" do?
    And DC stands for Damage Check i guess? What does the slider do? Why is it set to +2 as default?

    There is no explanation for that.
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    "Erratic" is a skill in the Normandy module. It reads:

    Single-use. Utilize this Skill when combat results call for a Damage Check (DC). Roll 1d6: if the result is even, neither the Leader nor the units in the hex take a DC; if the result is odd, the Leader and the units in the hex take double the initial DC, e.g., if the original DC was DC2, the DC would be DC4. second activation. If a Hero possesses this Skill, it only applies to him.

    Erratic was one of the earlier "reactive" skills I put into the computer version, and I wanted to give the player the option of avoiding a bunch of "Use/Pass" windows popping up interrupting every incoming attack until you use the skill, so the slider is how you can define the situations in which the computer will fire it off if you wish. "DC range" probably makes more sense now that you see the skill text; the skill will be automatically used if an incoming attack falls within the range defined by the sliders.

    I was planning on automating more skills like this, such as Lucky Man, but the combination of the huge range of things Lucky Man can affect (and thus situations that would have to be defined) and a better popup window interface that I made that has a timer bar made Erratic the only skill with those automation options so far.

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