SOLO question about Dynamic Movement


Sep 7, 2018
I apologize if this has come up in the forums before, but I am just a bit confused about using the LnLT Solo rules for Dynamic Movement of AEO SMCs/MMCs when the card says "If Shaken Dynamic Movement" for adjacent AEO/PU counters. I understand that for units that are Shaken, adjacency does not constitute normal Spotting. The LnLTS Movement Stances Table says that Low Crawl Movement will move an Active Artificial Enemy Opponent (AEO) unit TOWARDS a Player Unit (PU) entering a +TM (positive Terrain Modifier).

Here's my question...a not yet activated GO PU is sitting in a Heavy Jungle hex and a Non-Stealth/Non-Assault AEO unit is Shaken in a Clear hex adjacent to the PU. The #1 AEO Order card is drawn with the Priority order of > If Shaken Dynamic Move > Fire. The AEO unit in question is the only one viable for this order. There are no other +TM hexes available and the only place the AEO unit can move per the LnLTS Movement Stances Table is to Low Crawl into the Heavy Jungle with the PU (all other available hexes are Clear).

Is this a legit movement? Would this trigger a Melee? I'm confused if the Shaken AEO unit would actually move TOWARDS the enemy as instructed and use Low Crawl to boot. I would think that the Shaken unit would want to move AWAY from potential danger into some sort of cover as fast as possible rather than slowly moving TOWARDS an enemy position possibly established in the previous turn.


Staff member
Aug 3, 2013
Ottawa, Ontario
Yep, this sounds like an error on the cards. The rules are clearly stated that shaken units are never allowed to move closer to in LoS enemy units.
And definitely never move INTO a melee situation.
The Solo rules will never break the regular game rules.

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