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    In reference to the Victory Conditions Behavior Flowchart, one box states "If PU in LOS, Spot if unspotted, Fire at PU. If not in LOS or range move towards."

    In this situation, is the spotting automatic for the AEO? Or, does the AEO roll one die as the human player would? If the AEO is required to roll one die and fails the spot check what happens then? Does the AEO move to the next order on the card, or draw a new card if the situation above was the last order on the card? Or, does the AEO pass?

    Any clarification would be appreciated.
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    Hi Lee,

    I've always played this in the same way a player would. You roll for the spotting attempt and then depending on the result you can either fire with the same unit (as per 10.1.1) or another unit.

    The thing to remember here is [From 10.1.1, my bold] "Spotting attempts do not constitute an impulse, but only one attempt can be made per friendly impulse, and a unit attempting to spot is marked with an Ops Complete marker regardless of the result of the attempt. If the only action a side does during an impulse is to perform a spotting attempt, it is considered a pass."

    So unless I fire I go on to the next order on the card.

    Hope that helps!

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