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    Hi all, I am enjoying the wonderful "LnL Heroes of the Pacific" but I have some doubts. Can you help me?

    1) A shaken Squad/Half squad can use a SW?

    2) If I move some Melee Eligible Units into an hex containing, say, a Shaken MMC with a SW, the Shaken MMC with SW is automatically defeated or can it still fight a Melee round?

    3) Can I do in only one impulse the following actions? (a) activate a Leader that, in turn, activate all the units in his hex; (b) the activated Leader tries to launch a Starshell; (c) all the other activated units do something else (move, fire etc..).
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    Welcome aboard!

    For 1) no

    For 2) yes if only shaken units occupy a hex the a GO unit melees then they are automatically destroyed, but note some leaders/units are allowed to attempt a SR when all leaders/units in a hex are shaken and a GO enemy unit attempts to melee them see national characteristics and special rules for those exceptions

    For 3) you don’t need to activate a leader to active units in his own hex in this case you can a) activate the whole hex b) leader attempts to launch a star shell, mark the leader Ops Complete once attempt made c) the rest of the activated units in the hex fire, move together etc and are marked appropriately...

    Hope this helps.

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