By David Heath on Sep 18, 2019 at 5:46 PM
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    We have been playing with making Sci-Fi edition of LnLT. We have been developing a Space Infantry module for fun. So we have kicked around the idea of publishing it. But before we do we wanted to get some feedback from our community.

    Space Infantry Tactics Features.jpeg Space Infantry Tactics Features 2.jpeg


Discussion in 'Lock 'n Load Tactical Series' started by David Heath, Sep 18, 2019.

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    1. Captain Darling
      Captain Darling
      Nice idea, expanding the range is a good thing, may get more buyers err players (and more dollars in means in the end more products overall).
      Good looking counters.
      BUT needs a different brand to cover the range rather than LnLT.
      Good luck with it!
    2. Rydo
      Thats really cool to see tactical explore new subjects.

      I think the key here is to make it light, some maps and a bunch of scenarios and a battle generator to keep the price low.

      I support that! To me you can proceed!
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    3. Stéphane Tanguay
      Stéphane Tanguay
      Not really enthusiastic about it.I rather have an historical LNLT module. I like my LNLT to be as much historical as a tactical wargame using geomorphic maps can be (this is why I love Noville: Bastogne Outpost so much). I even thought twice before buying Heroes against the Red Star because it's all hypothetical but, of course, I had to have the complete LNLT collection, which means I would probably buy this Sci-Fi LNLT in the end :banghead:
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    4. Ryan Shannahan
      Ryan Shannahan
      I like the idea and would likely buy a copy. But I echo Captain Darling above; if you use the LnLT brand, does that brand get diluted with the addition of a non-typical product? What if the offer is successful and more products follow? You'll need a unique rulebook for the change in theme, maybe give it a unique brand, even if the gameplay and rules are 95% similar to the historical themed modules.

      But I like the idea a lot.
    5. rgmyers
    6. Paul S Young
      Paul S Young
      'It's an ugly planet! It's a bug planet!'

      Really like the idea of this, and the franchise branching into something new. It's a versatile rule set, and I can see it working for sci-fi.
    7. Nick DelCorpo
      Nick DelCorpo
      I think this could get pretty deep and very awesome. I think important thing here is to develop the setting with plenty of lore and unique weaponry
    8. Nick DelCorpo
      Nick DelCorpo
      I don't know. I think Lock N Load Publishing and Lock N Load tactical shows exactly how LnLP got started I guess. Lock N Load for me means tactical war gaming, rather than a specific time period, as the modern component is just as big a part as the WW2 stuff. I think it would be better to have a unique name for the sci-fi stuff and just emphasis in marketing that this game uses the same rules set from LnLT. I think with the new theme lets get a new name :)
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    9. MichaelCD
      Yes to a sci-fi LnL Tactical
    10. Starman
      I would like to see a Starship Troopers version but suspect the IP is with MMP or maybe the Heinlein estate may be interested.
    11. Nick DelCorpo
      Nick DelCorpo
      We can do better then Starship Troopers! :)
    12. Ryan Shannahan
      Ryan Shannahan
      I would love to see an in house IP, something that won't disappear because LnL loses a license to someone else's IP. Maybe the Space Infantry world works, or maybe it is something new. Regardless, I hope the setting is developed somewhat.

      The Space Infantry setting offers numerous enemies, which I think would be a strong point to a sci-fi adaptation of the LnL Tactical series. Imagine the expansion in gameplay and scenario design that could happen with aliens who don't shake, fragile robots that move fast but suffer no assault move penalties, etc.
    13. Nick DelCorpo
      Nick DelCorpo
      @Ryan,you are so right!!! something with the feel of Aliens, but further developed. I am a huge fan of the whole series but always thought it lacked a history. I'm more of a hard sci-fi guy, Jerry Pornelle, Larry Niven,J.L. Chalker. I have yet to play Space Marines but i will:) Also you are spot on with those abilities!
    14. Rydo
      We have to remember that we also still have the nuklear winter IP that can be easily turned into a ln'l module...
    15. Nick DelCorpo
      Nick DelCorpo
      Is Nuclear winter very similar to LnLT?
    16. Rydo
      The game scale is at the platoon level instead of squads, but the story there is great.

      Modern nato vs ww2 germany vs mutants.

      I think that game is one of the best offered by ln'l !
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    17. Renzo Bulli
      Renzo Bulli
      Not my cup of tea. Like Stèphane, I'd prefer a new historical module.

      Unlike him, I definitely would not buy a sci-fi one.
    18. Nick DelCorpo
      Nick DelCorpo
      Perhaps they could do................both! LOL :)
    19. Bryan Anthony
      Bryan Anthony
      I think it would be cool. Years ago someone created an Alien v. Predator version for LnL that I downloaded. It looked really cool and the person went through a lot of effort to create a rule set. The only thing it didn't have was some futuristic maps so I'd be really interested in some of those even if they aren't "Alien" ones.

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