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    im a little confused about stacking. Rule [10.0][5] sounds like units from the same company must be stacked together, or be adjacent, in order to combine fire. But Rule [10.1]first bullet point appears to indicate that any units (obviously on the same side) can stack together. Which is it please?
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    Any units from the same side can stack together, as long as they stay within stacking limitations referenced in rule 5.0 below. What [10.5] instructs is that units stacked together or adjacent may combine firepower. Mix and match to your heart's delight, within the stacking limitations. To gain the benefit of the combined firepower, make sure they are together or adjacent. Hope that helps.

    {5.0} Stacking: Up to two counters may stack in a hex, and stacking limitations apply at all times. Leader, helicopter, and Administrative counters (Fired, Disrupted, Hover), do not count against the stacking limit.

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