By David Heath on Nov 14, 2017 at 12:12 AM
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    Lock 'n Load Publishing Black Friday 2017.jpg

    Starting right now and ending on November 30, Lock 'n Load Publishing is running our Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale. Everything and is on sale.

    Orders of $100.00 or more will receive 10% off.

    Orders of $200.00 or more will receive 15% off.

    Orders of $350.00 or more will receive 20% off.

    Any orders shipping in the US that are $150.00 or more will also receive FREE SHIPPING.
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Discussion in 'The Power of Us' started by David Heath, Nov 14, 2017.

    1. Ron Belcher
      Ron Belcher
      Taking advantage of the free shipping!

      -= Currahee !!! =-
    2. HelmutHerr
      Hello, Is the Commander's Pack part of this sale? I didn't see the sale price in my cart.
    3. Paul Aceto
      Paul Aceto
      I have a $200+ order. The 15% discount is subtracted in the cart, but when I go to PayPal for some reason it adds it back in as another charge. Anyone else getting this?
    4. Ron Belcher
      Ron Belcher

      Yes. I submitted a Support Ticket immediately following my order. Have not seen any "action" on it yet. I'm sure it is because
      of the BGG Convention that they are attending this week. I'm patient in waiting. They're super attentive in their Customer Support.
      If you've not yet submitted a Support Ticket, I highly recommend that you do.

      - Ron B., Clovis, CA
    5. Paul Aceto
      Paul Aceto
      Thanks, I did submit a ticket.
    6. Linker
      During Black Friday and Cyber Monday is free shipping for Switzerland, Europe? Thanks
    7. Paul Aceto
      Paul Aceto
      FYI - the payment issue I had has been fixed, and my LnL Tactical collection will soon grow substantially.
    8. Chancha807
      Is the discount on Xmaps still available ?
    9. HelmutHerr
      Seems the sale discount isn't being applied to digital products.

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