Stuck in the Teeth

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    Second in line is the scenario "Stuck in the teeth." If only the bridges were strong enough....

    My idea was to create a "bridgehead" of sorts to allow safe passage for my forces exiting West off the map. This open lane would be forged by all my available forces on-map at scenario start, especially the Sturm units. My initial assault worked out pretty well except my "assault at" time for one of my Sturm units got messed up and led to a prolonged battle for Harspelt.

    In this scenario I learned to to really check out the paths according to the "tool" interface. A couple of times my exiting forces went on what i thought strange routes, but it turned out to be my fault. This cost me precious time to exit my forces.

    If I had made me safe passage lane a little wider, my exiting forces could have got through quicker as they were all subject to fire as they passed through Ouren. Teeth 1.png teeth2.png teeth3.png

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