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    Very nice work that on the last build + weather dependent visibility. Really adds the importance of meteorology to operations. I wanted to ask a couple of things:

    • Supply: often a message like "transport column from 27th Regt BASE to 27th Regt BASE" suffered X% casualties appears. What does that mean? The base is not within enemy AP or AT areas, however I see no reason for sending a column from one base to the base itself.

    • Visibility: it happens (mostly during night time, especially if bad weather combines with "adverse" moon phase) that some of my units gets spotted and begin taking fire but are not able to fire back. While it is just right that sometimes, especially if one unit has good recce capability and the other hasn't, the former will be able to spot the latter without being seen, this should not be valid if the spotting unit starts firing. It can happen that some units take fire for hours and hours during the night not being able to return a single shot. Though I, as the player, am able to see the enemy firing unit, my unit fired upon seems to not even spot it, as the Threat LOS doesn't show any red line in this case).
    I can post screenshots in the future if the statements are not clear.
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    Ideally, gamesaves and as a fallback, screen shots help with diagnosing problems.

    That said, here are some observations:

    -- Supply: Losses in transport columns occur along the routes that those columns are assigned to reach units supplied by the base and on the return trop after supplies have been delivered.

    Though it hasn't been documented, I'd guess the apparently ambiguous base to base "delivery" is actually referring to losses to empty supply columns being interdicted by enemy fire while returning to the base for their next load.

    Losses in loaded supply columns are identified by a message which identifies the unit which was to receive the supplies and the percentage of losses in the expected supplies.

    As I understand it, based on information in the Estabs for supply transport carrying capacities (defined anywhere from manpack to truckloads), the losses are calculated based on the number of "transport items" (men, horses, carts, wagons, jeeps, trucks, etc.) and the weight each lost "item" was carrying when destroyed by fire while in the supply cycle.

    -- Visibility: A screenshot or gamesave would help in diagnosing the problem.

    Is it the unit is receiving indirect (bombardment) fire? The unit spotting the target isn't conducting fire, therefore there is no threat LOS from it to the target unit.

    An alternative is that friendly units taking losses are being hit by units which have longer range weapons than those available to the target unit. Pg. 119 of the Ver 1.1 Game Manual indicates that the threat tool identifies sources of potential threats, but does not necessarily document the specific threat which is causing the fire.

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