Supply question

May 8, 2015
New York
I understand that the supply toggle at the bottom of the screen tells you if units are in supply and how much they are getting with a color. Is there a way to tell where the supplies are being stock piled, or a way to tell if you have cut off the enemy's supply route?

In the ST Vith tutorial scenario its obvious that the US player gets supplies from that road leading to and past the very first bridge crossing objective, but is there a way to visualize the actual path the "supply" takes.


Edit: One more thing, is there a way to tell when a unit is scheduled to receive supplies?
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Oct 22, 2014
This is mostly from the CO1 manual, but the large image is from the current CO2 interface.
Most of what is in the CO1 manual is still relevant in CO2.
If you have any more questions on it just ask.
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