Tabletop Simulator Help...


Apr 25, 2021
Big fan of board games, but not many friends around to play :( So i bought Tabletopia and asked for a refund because i couldn't find an opponent to play. Can the tabletopers answer me a couple of questions:
  • How do i play games? Are they available at the Steam Workshop? I just subscribe and it's all good?
  • How active is tabletop simulator? Lets say i want to play some Catan or another game is easy to find someone ?
  • How is the community let's say i want to learn to play a game? Ppl help each other?
  • Should i buy Tabletop Simulator?
If anyone has any kinds of advice or a way to do it I would greatly appreciate it!!


May 29, 2020
I'll try to answer your questions, but in a different order.

TTS does it's job really well, but by using a physics engine to simulate die rolls and piece movement, it is relatively resource intensive for playing a board game. But it does give the feel of playing at a table. There is VASSAL which is a free alternative to play LnL games and other games. VASSAL is a JAVA-based application that has the game board and pieces for games. Community made modules are free on the VASSAL website. Some publishers (like LnL) also provide free VASSAL modules for their games on the website. Some publishers provide VASSAL modules to purchasers of their physical games.

TTS is often on sale for half off, and I usually tell people to wait for a sale. But it's up to you if it is worth paying full price.

There are thousands of games for TTS in the Steam Workshop. There are a few games that are paid DLC, but they are the exception. LnLT has has most of the modules in the workshop, along with WaW85 and I think NaW.

I've found opponents on Facebook, but you can use other game forums (including these). Also, LnL's discord server has area for match making. I find almost everyone (if not everyone) is super helpful on both TTS and VASSAL. Some people prefer one system over the other.

Personally, I like both systems. They get the job done different ways, but work great. Also, LnL streams gameplay of their games on Twitch and Youtube. They use TTS and they are helpful for getting the idea of how to play the game and use TTS.

I'm sure other people will have other advise for you.

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