Tank On Tank - East Front - Cats On the Prowl - After Action Report

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Oct 14, 2014
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Tank On Tank - East Front - Cats On the Prowl - After Action Report
By Mark Selleck

This is my first game with the East front game and will be going at it solo, I have played a few of the west front so it will be interesting to see how the larger maps go (maybe a bit more maneuvering)

I thought I would just go with the first scenario in the book, Cats on the Prowl and go from there. Pretty straight forward scenario. The Russians have to set up in 3 groups of 3 and defend the 3 towns they mainly have T34’s and also get un up gunned T34 and KV as well as a Katyusha rockets (handy to have)

The Germans start with 3 Panthers, a Tiger, Puma and the choice of another Tiger or Panther (I went with the Tiger). The Germans also get an ace marker and get an airstrike from turn 3. The Ace marker in this scenario acts as a HQ for the unit it is attached to. The Germans have 2 starting location each on the road heading south off the board. I set up my 2 groups with the Panthers all in one and the Tigers and Puma in the other (one of the Tigers has the ace marker).

For victory both sides need to either eliminate all opposition before the end of turn 10 or control 2 of the 3 town hexes at the end of turn 10 (L5, J3, D3). The Russians start the game in control of all there victory hexes.

Germans start first.

(Just a note: I forgot about the facing for the Russians in the first couple of turns but fixed it up once they started firing)

Turn 1:


The Tiger tank Platoons move north up the road with their recon element of Puma’s to their flank. The Platoon of veterans see a platoon of T34/85’s appear around the hill, so they open fire and their 88’s make short work of the Russians.

The Russians now conduct a mass activation with their groups from the north, west and east. The north group of T34’s move through the central town seeing the threat from the Tigers. Over on the west the Katyusha battery takes a position on the high ground while the T34 and KV85 platoons reposition in front of the town. The east group head towards the Tigers getting in range. The east platoons open up on the Tigers but watch as their rounds have no effect on the thick frontal armor of the Tigers

(Activations G:2 / R:3)

Turn 2:


The Tiger group falls into battle order after the T34’s engage them the tremendous firepower of their main guns make short work of another Russian platoon.

The T34’s from the northern group move to the flank of the Tiger group and occupy the town in the east. The entire company of T34’s now fire onto the recon element of Pumas who have been flanked, the Pumas lay in ruins after the fire dies off.

(Activations G:2 / R:2)

Turn 3:


The Panther company diverts onto the road heading east to help out the Tigers. HQ sends in a squadron to help the Panzers out, which targets the T34’s in the eastern town. Two of the T34’s are targeted and the one occupying the town is wiped out. The Tigers now target the T34 off to the east but are unable to get a clean shot on the platoon on the hills.

The Russian T34’s in the east re position so the entire company can get a shot on the Tiger platoon who is destroyed from the relentless fire from all directions. The group in the south now reposition themselves to try and follow up the diverted Panters.

(Activations G:4 / R:3)

Turn 4:


The Panthers head up the road and surprise the T34’s from the rear though it seems they had not zeroed their sights before going into battle.

The T34’s in the eastern town re-race to take on the new threat and are able to counter the Panthers by taking out a platoon. Meanwhile the west group keep making their may, shadowing the Panthers.

(Activations G:2 / R:3)

Turn 5:


The Tiger platoon can see the Panthers groups intensions so they re-race to a new target. The Panthers then move to out flank a T34’s platoon, during the attack the T34’s are left smoking on the battlefield.

The Russians move in with their west group T34 and KV, with the T34’s joining in with another group targeting a Panther platoon but they just quit make the shots count.

(Activations G:2 / R:2)

Turn 6:


The Tiger platoon now links up with the Panthers, they all move in at close range attacking the T34’s defending the town. The barrage is intense and the Russians had no chance.

The Russian KV now moves into the central town while the two T34 platoons on the hills fire onto different targets. Both the platoons are not able to bring enough firepower to bare on their targets.

(Activations G:3 / R:3)

Turn 7:


The Tiger platoon now enters and controls the eastern town. The Panthers assault the T34’s overlooking from the hill and are able to destroy them all. The Tiger attempts to fire on the KV in the central town but they are too well hidden.

The Russians now bring up their Katyusha rockets to support the KV, they launch an attack on the Panther HQ platoon and decimate them. Meanwhile the T34 platoon off in the east moves to approach the eastern town.

(Activations G:3 / R:3)

Turn 8:


The Germans now about face to take on the new threat from the rear, they re-position and fire away destroying the platoon. The Panther platoon now takes control of the situation and equips itself to act as a HQ.

The Russians see their best chance of victory is to hold onto the town and let the Germans come to them. The Katyusha rockets move up and attempt firing on the Panther platoon but the rockets spread to far.

(Activations G:3 / R:2)

Turn 9:


The Germans re-enter the eastern town and engage the KV but their fire still does not find their targets.

The Russians counter targeting the Panther platoon but are unable to eliminate the forces from the battlefield.

(Activations G:2 / R:2 1 used)

Turn 10:


The Germans now go for a hail marry with the Tiger taking on the KV’s and the Panthers going after the Katyusha rockets battery. The Tiger rolls an unlikely 11 destroying the KV’s while the Panthers just need to roll a 6, and what do you know they roll exactly a 6 destroying the Katyusha rockets.

(Activations G:3)

A German victory…. Just!



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