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Discussion in 'Tank On Tank Series' started by gxulien, Aug 18, 2017.

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    Played the first scenario tonight/this morning and it was unclear to me how "promotion" works. It costs an AP and your headquarters comes back from the dead, facing the same direction as when it died. NP. Flip it over and leave it on the board. But where does it come back into play? In the same hex? What if that hex is occupied by an enemy unit before it's your turn? Thx for reading my question.
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    Hello gxulien. When you want to bring a destroyed HQ back into play (promotion rule), you must choose a unit from your army that is already on the map, of the same type as the HQ (tank or infantry), and replace that unit with the HQ unit. The HQ unit will occupy the same hex as the unit that is being replaced. In effect, you are promoting a unit on the map to an HQ.
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