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    Hi all,

    I’m new to LnL games and bought West and East Front and their expansions as my first purchase from them after somehow coming across a video that Marco did on these and the original on BGG. Although considered an introductory game, there’s a nice challenging game here. There’s no errata for this game which is a huge plus. I see a lot of good things said about this game and also saw on BGG that someone’s mom owns the game. That speaks volumes to me!! After that, I went and bought 10 more LnL titles!! There are two complaints, however, that I’ve found about this game.

    The first issue is storage. I’ve read this about East Front. I have the same problem. It’s due to this version having 5 total maps, which includes the 2 expansion maps, and a new scenario book which keeps the box from closing. The maps are larger than the two in West Front. I use a large rubber band so that’s solved.

    The other issue is the new counter sheets for East Front. Although they are the newer thicker counters with the updated AP markers, there is two misprints on the Semovente - the name is misspelled and the range is wrong. The Zyrni suffers with a misprinted range factor as well. If you do open a ticket, Darren will send you out a new set but they are the first version counters which are thinner. Thats no big deal unless you set one of them up Concealed as your opponent will know what it could be. I came up with an idea to solve both issues. Tank on Tank: North Africa!!

    My thought is this - make a grand finale for ToT by doing a deluxe type set based on North Africa. This set would come in a larger box to accommodate all contents from East and West Front and their expansions as well as the new expansion contents.

    The set would contain 2 two-sided maps with various desert type terrain, 2 counter sheets, and a scenario book. For the counter sheet, you add Brit tanks and in compatible quantities/qualities like EF/WF, flesh out the Italians, include a locomotive counter for the EF scenarios, add corrected counters for Semovente and Zyrni, and give the US/Russians/Germans some infantry headquarters.

    What about a third counter sheet? Add some updated Brit tanks for WF like a Firefly or Cromwell? A Bishop? And since EF/WF maps, as well as points for building you own army option, offers Korean War tank battle options, maybe add a few more Pershings and T-34/85s? Korean infantry units? With the desert maps, there would be an option for adding Arab Israeli War counters. EF/WF already has a bunch for that already.

    Just a thought. One can dream, right?

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    tank on tank North Africa is a thought and perhaps a possibility. The system is fun and is a great introductory war game. Currently the teams are working on other titles and a North Africa tank on tank project would be a long way off. So the dream may be real but not in the immediate future.

    Thank you
    Sean Druelinger
    LnL Publishing
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