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Discussion in 'Tank On Tank Series' started by Jake, May 6, 2016.

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    Just got Tank on Tank WestFront in the mail this week. Game looks cool. I notice on the back of the box it has a relatively high 'solo' rating, but the rule book seems to not address solo games except for giving a mechanism to determine when your APs are done/used up. I seem to be missing a way to control 'the other side'. Is it really just 'Play Both Sides' or is there supposed to be a way to give an AI type way to run the bad guys?

    Thanks for any insight, and sorry if I'm missing something obvious (won't be the first or last time that happens).
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    There isn't an AI included to control one side. The high solo rating is a result of the APs being used up mechanism, so you will still need to play both sides to the best of your ability.

    With that said, there was someone on BGG that was working on a solo/AI system for Tank on Tank East Front.

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    We play both the East and West games on my forum (www.militarywargaming.com) and I GM the games. Our playing that way utilizes the same mechanic for AP allotment I use in solo games, which is:

    You are given 2 AP's automatically; and roll 2d6 for the other 2 AP's (die one, 1-2 fail; die two, 1-3 fail). Works quite well!

    Beyond that, it's as Ralph says.....play both sides as honestly as you can, deciding your moves and combat at what the best possible option would be playing that side out.

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