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    Happy New Year LnLoaders,

    **ok forget the reads when it fails to destroy the target, everything is clear now. Sorry!**

    Just a small question about acquiring a target-

    I am playing the rules like this:
    Ordnance shot- hit or miss I am placing an acquiring target -1 or -2 counter on the units.

    today- while playing a scenario I felt like to read when exactly to remove the target aquistion be sure if there is a "target tracking" rule or similar...
    ok- then I noticed that the wording of the aquiring rules are much more like: you only place a -1 or -2 counter if you MISS the shot...not when you HIT.
    Is this correct?

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    From v4.1 page 38 it says ‘fires and fails to destroy its target’, I MUST CONVERT TO v5 OF THE RULES v5.!!! So my take is;

    -If you miss the target it counts to target acquisition.

    -If you hit and the target survives that counts to target acquisition.

    -If you hit and kill the target it’s a moot point :happy:.

    Our house rules do not give target acquisition to non mounted SWs i,e, bazookas etc as they have no fixed fire point that helps target the second round. I’d be interested to see if others do something similar.

    We don’t do it but I’d be tempted to allowed target tracking as long as the tartget moves are within the ‘existing’ covered arc of the aquring tank, gun etc...thoughts?


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