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    The International Orders Are Away and the Process

    As we had posted before LnLP has secured a private carrier for our International shipments. Our international orders have now been sent. There will be a delay before LnLP receives any tracking numbers but the packages are on their way. Orders going to the EU are now on their way to Second Chance Games in the UK and will then be forward on by Second Chance Games via the Royal Mail. This will help with our EU customers with their VAT charges. For orders going forward, the cheapest international shipping rates are labeled under the country names and not the USPS, UPS or FedEx rates in our store. Those carriers will be a few days faster and provide a tracking numbers from the start of the order process.

    The orders sent with our private carrier are sent by air and we expect custom charges to be lower including VAT but we can't promise there will not be any customs or VAT charges since each country handles this in their own way. Many have asked if this is the same partner GMT Games uses and rest assure they are.

    Thank you for working with us and of course waiting.

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Discussion in 'News and Information from LnL' started by David Heath, Sep 14, 2017.

    1. Eternal
      Many thanks. I'm waiting for the track numbers.
    2. marc_hanna
      Hello many thanks for the VASSAL module for WSR, and now i'm waiting here in England for my physical order of the game through Second Chance games in England! Looking forward to it but still no tracking info available as of 9-28 as the shipment seems to be hung up -- is there any new information -- ? -- thank you, Marc.
    3. The Plodder
      The Plodder
      Anyone in Oz/NZ received theirs yet?
    4. TerryB
      I was wondering about UK/European arrivals too. No more info other than order status is now "shipped".
    5. roadtogundagai
      Got mine yesterday here in Auckland - 2 shipments. Happy camper.
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    6. roadtogundagai
    7. The Plodder
      The Plodder
      Noice, Shouldn't have too long to wait here in Welly then.
    8. roadtogundagai
      Might take a while to reach the distant provinces far away from civilisation (some JAFA humour there) :)
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    9. Peter Bryant
      Peter Bryant
      My first order arrived today in Brisbane hope next one in a day or two happy days

      Thanks David .H
    10. Peter Bryant
      Peter Bryant
      My first order arrived today in Brisbane hope next one in a day or two happy days

      Thanks David .H
    11. TerryB
      So it would seem that the shipment that was air freighted to Second Chance in the UK is the one thats being held up.

      If the games were air freighted on the 14th, lets say 2 days to arrive. Plus 1 week aprox for customs clearance. That puts us around 23 september...

      Whats happened since then?
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    12. JiminyJickers
      Mine just arrived in Wellington. Pity I need to work for the rest of the day, but lucky it is the weekend!
    13. Stefano G.
      Stefano G.
      Hello TerryB, i live in Italy and i share your wait ...i do not understand the reason for this delay and i have had no tracking information yet o_O ...i only hope to have some news soon.
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    14. Glow_worm
      As a perplexed UK customer, I was pleased to finally receive a shipping confirmation for my order a couple of days ago, but clicking on the link to the detailed order status has just left me confused, as it has no information of any value. I assume it relates to the shipment from 2nd Chance Games, but this is not stated, and the only dates are from last month. It doesn't help that I'm expecting another parcel from the US, and Royal Mail has left a card for one of them, with a tracking number that I can't identify from any information that's been supplied to me by the respective senders.

      I now have vastly increased sympathy for intelligence officers struggling to interpret confused, conflicting and out of date information, but it's not something I care to see simulated in this form.
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    15. TerryB
      Coincidentally I got my shipping order today. It just says something happened on 20th September and has a tracking number "SHIPPED VIA IMS " which doesnt give me any more information. I'm left wondering if this is the dispatch from US-UK or UK->EU.
    16. The Plodder
      The Plodder
      I received the same. Still haven't received my shipment yet..
    17. aznabal
      I've made two orders and for me (in France) parcels have been sent from US directly to France by USPS (however I choosed Second Chance Game delivering). I received one parcel but other is held in custom because they mix orders between the two parcels and invoice isn't correct with content.
      I'm waiting for an answer of support.
    18. MirabelleBenou
      Hello !
      Just received everything (In France). Thanks ! :) Really Happy !
    19. Glow_worm
      I now have my order (Heroes of the Pacific). This turned out to be the item which Royal Mail attempted to deliver last week, which surprised me as the tracking number was not sent to me as I expected. I assume other UK customers are also taking receipt of their orders now. It wasn't the most transparent process, but it worked as intended - i.e. no interference by evil customs officials, so that's a win.
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