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The KV-1 and Stalin's Triumph

Sean Druelinger

Staff member
Mar 9, 2014

The KV-1 tank named after the peoples defense minister Kliment Voroshilov was a 45-48 ton heavy tank with 10-15 mm armor. The main gun on the 1942 version of the tank was a 76.2mm gun. There were many criticisms about this tank including its lack of speed and agility, the transmission being prone to breakdowns and the suspension failing under the weight of this heavy tank. Its main asset was its armor protection. This model was very out classed by the later model heavier German tanks and production on the KV1 would soon dwindle in place of better designed tanks.

This tank however was an excellent fighting vehicle in the early days of Operation Barbarossa. There are stories of a single tank holding up the 6th Panzer Division near Skaudvile blocking their advance for almost 24 hours. Other reports of the success of the KV-1 near Krasnogvardeysk explain how 5 hidden KV-1s destroyed approximately 43 German tanks in a single battle

The KV-1 was successful in the earlier parts of the war but how will they hold up against the Tiger and MkIV? These tanks are included in the forth coming Nations at War expansion, Stalin’s Triumph where you can see for yourself how well they stack up.