The Westwall for Command Ops 2 Now Available

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    Lock 'n Load Publishing
    and Panther Games are proud to announce a new expansion, The Westwall for Command Ops 2 for the Windows PC. The Westwall series covers the Allied attempts to breach the vaunted Siegfried Line and drive into the heart of Germany in the fall of 1944. The Westwall highlights the major battles along the German frontier between Arnhem and Aachen, including the battles around the Peel Marshes, Geilenkirchen, and the Stolberg Corridor. As the Allies, can you breach The Westwall and overrun the exhausted German Army before they can rest and regroup? Or as the Germans, can you hold out sufficient reserves for a lightning strike against the Allied juggernaut?

    Remember we offer the Command Ops 2 Core game with 3 scenarios for FREE. Anyone can download and try out the full game before purchase a single Battle Pack. Use the link below to get your free game of Command Ops 2 and information of the Command Op2 Battle Packs from here
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