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Discussion in 'Command Ops Series' started by Foolio, Apr 14, 2015.

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    I've recently bought CO2 and slowly getting to grips with it. I've watched the tutorials and think I understand some basics of the first phase in smaller battles - keeping a reserve, using arty and trying to keep superiority in numbers/firepower etc. However, I'm struggling once the first contact has progressed and finding that I wait until all local enemy are defeated and my battalions are re-organised, which I suspect to too long.

    I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on when to move into phase 2, take advantage of gaps/opportunities etc.

    Also how does the terrain and opposition affect the forces you use to attack with?

    i.e. I'm used to not using tanks in cities/forests (in other games) as they are at a disadvantage

    So to attack into a city using an armoured battalion is counter-intuitive - I would use armour to fight at range and assault with infantry.

    Basically, any tips on anything at all will help :confused:
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    Welcome Foolio. I'll let others respond to your good questions. I will offer this advice though. It is far easier to track Phase 2 of an operation f the force for it is not committed to Phase 1. Eg if you are attacking then divide your force into two parts and use the first for Phase 1 and the second for Phase 2. As the first force gets embroiled in the Phase 1 battle manoeuvre your second force into a position from which it can launch Phase 2 free of any interference.
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    A couple of 'obvious' suggestions.

    1. If you look at some of the (many) AARs, especially those by Daz, you can get a very good idea of what to do and, sometimes, what to avoid!
    Those on the Matrix site covering CO1 are still valid as, although the UI has changed in CO2, the overall 'pattern of play' remains pretty much the same.

    2. Try not to micromanage at the beginning, the AI is pretty competent. So if you trying a typical scenario where you have a Division to play with, in the earlier stages I would recommend giving orders to the Brigade and Regimental HQ's and, possibly, a few specialized units such as recon, engineers etc. When you get more used to the way things operate possibly move down a level and manage at the battalion HQ level but do be careful not to 'overload' the boss unit: if you do the orders delay goes exponentially upwards and you'll be lucky to get anything done!

    And probably start with the smaller scenarios such as Hofen Ho-down or Joe's bridge, both pretty popular, just to get a feel as to how units operate before shifting to the larger scenarios

    Have fun.

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