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Two Questions

Jack Ruetty

Mar 2, 2014
1. The first one I feel like is a bug. Playing Men of France, You May Fire First. A German unit (without a leader) moved from 14H3 into the wire on 14H2. Wire should cost leg unit 4 MP to move into from the board game rules. This unit moved into the wire and then continued to move two more clear hexes.

2. Playing Men of France, You May Fire First. This one I am just looking for clarification that I have the situation correct. Had a squad with a Leader and a piat in the rear of a bunker. From the rules on page 120, units that use the DFT cannot fire on units in the Bunker from outside of the Bunker’s front three hexes but units using the OFT can. The piat uses the OFT but I could not fire it. Am I running into the Heroes of Normandy rule that piats cannot be fired at a target at a lower elevation? Is being inside a bunker at a lower elevation?

Really challenging scenario as the Free French. If the AI would have just stayed in place around the casino not sure I would have won. However, it tried to advance through the wire out of its foxholes and and allowed me to shake most of its units.